2020 – Unprecedented times

The year of 2020 has been unprecedented for us all. It has been a year that has delivered sorrow and grief, as well as a time for us all to take a step back and reflect upon what is important.

For our C.H.A.I.L.I.S families, this has meant isolation from imperative medical care, family life disruption, reductions in previously provided community support and isolation from community and loved ones. Many of our beautiful children suffer from compromised immune systems. Therefore, families were required to keep to strict isolation – leaving the house only for essentials – to keep their children safe and healthy. This means missing out on the social support and family systems that were once accessed regularly. Our children who have ongoing illnesses and health conditions are required to attend appointments with medical professionals in metro areas. Social distancing and restrictions have resulted in an increase in expenses our families are required to pay to access these supports.

COVID 19 has placed a halt on many of the fundraisers planned that help to provide financial support to our families. Some events we have been required to cancel include our annual trivia night, Mildura Field days and golf charity actions. Additionally, John and Jan have been unable to collect donations at Banjos. Our generous business that host our donation tins have faced alterations in business operations, resulting in a reduction of donations. C.H.A.I.L.I.S acknowledge the incredible burden COVID 19 has placed on our community and we thank all our Friends of C.H.A.I.L.I.S for their continued support. We cannot do what we do without you and are constantly warmed and heartened by your generosity.

Local business, and one of our major and valued supports Monaghan Truck and Trailer Sales (MTTS), has offered incredible kindness and generosity by donating a magnificent trailer to C.H.A.I.L.I.S to assist in our fundraising. The 8 x 5 MTTS Trailer including a cage and registration, valued at $4850.

Every $25 donation into the C.H.A.I.L.I.S bank account provides the donor with a chance to win this fabulous prize. $25 = 1 chance to win. $50 = 2 chances to win. $100 is 4 chances to win. Each donation is tax deductible and all money raised will go directly to our C.H.A.I.L.I.S families.

Donating is as easy as following the link below!


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